Back Alleys and Quiet Hikes : Sacred Valley, Peru. November 2008.

It’s hard to imagine how much commotion there was just a few blocks from the quiet streets shown in these two pictures. Squadrons of visitors climbed over the temple-and-terrace complex that attracts so many people to Ollantaytambo, an otherwise sleepy town in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Tour buses lined Ollantaytambo’s main square. Ollantaytambo is part of… Read More »

(Republic of) Georgia on My Mind: August, 2008

“Still in peaceful dreams I see“… the Georgia that my husband and I left in 2007. The Republic of Georgia took us by surprise on our four-month 2007 trip around the world. David and I came home committed Georgiaphiles, if there is such a word. Before the crisis with Russia erupted, we’d try to persuade… Read More »