Creole Highlight, Crippling Heat : Cartagena, Colombia. November 2009.

One of the grandest hotels in Cartagena boasts some very colorful permanent guests, toucans. There are at least three of them at the Sofitel Santa Clara, which is a converted17th century convent. The toucans perch on wicker chairs around the main patio, and play with the guests at breakfast. In their travels around the Santa… Read More »

Shooting Around San Juan: Puerto Rico. April 2009.

Johnny Depp delayed our dinner on our last night in Puerto Rico. Well, not the actor as much as a night shoot for his “”Rum Diary“” movie in old San Juan. It’s based on a book that Hunter S. Thompson wrote about his time working for a small paper in San Juan in the late… Read More »

Beautiful Beaches And Not Much Else: Culebra, Puerto Rico. April 2009.

The umbrella in this picture would have had its due on any beach from New York’s Rockaway to Delaware’s Rehoboth. Some folks passing by it would have smiled at its tropical scenes. In California, the umbrella would have reminded them of warmer clearer water than local waves, which are chilled by Alaska.But, this umbrella was… Read More »